So. Yesterday I was in conversation with some dude who calls himself a Dom, and I basically freaked the shit out of him.

First of all he didn’t like the fact I am a Switch at all.
He said: ‘A Switch is okay to me, but I will never switch.’

So that makes me wonder why he’s talking to me in the first place, right?

In general my experience is that for some reason these Doms seem to find it necessary to question my Switchdom/hood/ness (how I am I supposed to define this anyway?).

My wildly educated guess is they see some kind of challenge in me, let’s put it like that.

Next thing you know is I’m telling him about this previous lover of mine who took a hike in total fear (he was almost about to scream) from the graveyard we were visiting.
It must have been my witchywatchy shamanic superpower he felt somewhat chased by, and the guy couldn’t help himself but to keep running away, leaving no less than 400 meters between us.

Please note it was broad daylight.

Next thing you know is I gave this guy I was talking to yesterday some insight in what could possibly happen if we were to meet up for real, and I felt the necessity to confront him with above anecdote. 

Plus the idea that, if we would reach ‘those certain higher atmospheres’ during ‘ceremony’, he shouldn’t be surprised when spirit power kicks in with me ultimately, making him see his grandmother’s face shine through me for example, and that, before he knows it, I could start conjuring up personal information about her and point out paintings previously owned by her hanging on his wall afterwards under her guidance.

Now, I am not sure if these paintings are actually present in his house (these things happen also very often), but I also mentioned the idea he would probably become aware of my spirit guides gathering around us, keeping an eye on the situation, making sure I am safe.

And he said he considered himself to be open-minded, but this was going really too far to his taste, and he called off the idea of going on a date.

My guess is he realised he would be screwed anyhow if he would go too far, even in the case of leaving me for dead, tied down in chains.

Whoa yeh.


By the way: did you know the pre-releases of my upcoming album ‘HOMECOMiNG’ are out now on Shamaniac Records?