“Shamanism is the application of Quantum Mechanics,
without having to know about the actual physics.”

Jade Wah’oo Grigori – An American Shaman

Dear lovely people,
I am working on a piece of writing in which I will talk about Shamanism from my personal perspective. It will (hopefully) go online soon.
In the meantime, if you are willing to do some homework I recommend reading these three books:
* ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Michael Talbot (this actually is a book about Shamanism);
* ‘Shamanism – Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy’ by Mircea Eliade (a very comprehensive piece of historical writing);
* ‘Hints on Mediumistic Development’ by Ursula Roberts (an excellent read on mediumship).
If you wish to continue browsing paying a visit to my shaman mentor Jade Wah’oo Grigori’s website will be worth your time: