Amsterdam (The Netherlands) based Audio & Visual Creative Agency fuelled by Shamanism, founded by KiKi TOAO & ROMBOUT.
THE SHAMANiAC MOVEMENT originally started as a shamanic art and music project which developed into a professionalized version of what we began with:
One huge spiritual, magickal and shamanically creative experiment.
Since 2019 we also run a record label: SHAMANiAC RECORDS.

Today our Movement is functioning as a platform for a modest but tight-knit community in The Netherlands, and is slowly spreading around the globe.
Our primary goal is to gather people for spiritual development and creative experiment. Aim of our activities is to elevate our souls and spirits and create awareness, openness and acceptation of a spiritual lifestyle.
Our work is deeply rooted in the creation and experience of music.
We are averse to institutional religion and guruship; we prefer to keep our feet on the ground – how else can you dance?

Amsterdam based Kiki Toao (1975) is shaman, multidisciplinary artist, DJ and music producer.
Label boss of Shamaniac Records and frontwoman of The Shamaniac Movement.
Music is her greatest passion in life: she has been DJing since 1996 and started producing music in 2009.
Always driven by an insatiable lust for self-exploration and technical development she has worked in the music and media publishing business since 1995.
Parallel to her music career she works as freelance art-director, photographer and videographer.
Graduated as Master of Arts at the Utrecht School of Arts in 2004.