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Outerlands EP – Release on Emerald & Doreen Records

“Amsterdam based The Shamaniac Movement lets you reach altered states of consciousness with their specific shaman technique, using their ‘Outerlands’ EP, released on Emerald & Doreen in April 2017.
Kiki Toao and Rombout deliver a magically transcendental four-piece EP that is the soundtrack to making contact with the spirit world and channeling these energies onto the dancefloor!

On the 17th of March we celebrated Love on the Odessa Boat in Amsterdam.
It was a memorable night full of cacao, good vibrations and magical music.
The Love Foundation has been so kind to publish the recording of our set.
We celebrated our 10th anniversary as a couple and our 13th anniversary as a DJ Duo on this beautiful night and we are grateful they were willing to provide us with a platform for our celebrations.

Sham-Dee EP

We hereby present our new EP: Sham-Dee
Sham-Dee is the story of a shaman’s journey, the magical flight of exploration of the Soul’s Realm, traveling across the oceans of Life and Death, while blissfully tripping on the cosmic embrace of shamanic initiation and experiencing the healing power of Spirit.
A vision transformed into music.

La Cadence du Gitan

A shaman once said: “Your souls are linked”
And though we never needed anyone else to tell us we are soulmates, it was wonderful to get it confirmed from the Other Side

Here we are, two embodied spirits, inhabiting and traveling this earthly plane
When we die, we can only hope to find each other again

Maybe, in the next life, we will be just friends
Maybe we will be nephew and niece
Maybe you will live in the desert, while I live on a tundra, separated by thousands of miles
But still, we’d know, somewhere out there, our twin spirit will be waiting, til we meet again

In this life we have found each other, as lovers
Two old gypsy souls, forever bound by music

Out now on Bandcamp