Shamanic Healing Program

The intention of this program is to facilitate an ongoing and comprehensive succession of Shamanic healing experiences.
Once a month, at the first crescent following the New Moon, Jade Wah’oo Grigori will be conducting a ceremonial on behalf of each participant. These will be conducted remotely… that is, you will not need to be physically present in order to participate and receive benefit.

Some of these offerings may require you to participate in an online video call so that Jade can speak to you individually in order to best support your personal needs.


Here is a list of intended offerings:

1.    March 2 – The Song of Pachamama/Pachatata
A Return to Innocence and Trust

The tones of this song, given to Jade Wah’oo by the Spirits of Machu Picchu, release one from the burdens of guilt and betrayal, rebooting the listener into the original state of Innocence and Trust.

2.    March 31 – Celestial Soul Retrieval
Effective Manifestation of Your Heart’s Desire

The Celestial Soul sits in abiding presence awaiting a clear and unambiguous directive from us so that it may take action on our behalf. Without that directive the Celestial Soul can do nothing. Effective communication with the Soul is imperative. This ceremony, in the form of an active directed meditation, engages the Mind, Body, and Heart, aligning them with a singular Intention, providing the Soul what it requires to be able to act on our behalf. This brings about an authentic and powerful manifestation of our Heart’s Desire.

3.    April 30 – Earth Soul Retrieval– A Return to Wholeness

Jade will send his Spirit into the realm of the Soul to seek, find and return the essential aspect of your Soul that has been lost, disengaged, locked away for safe keeping. The results brought forth in the person’s life are the reclamation of feelings, clarity of mind and stability of emotions; in short, the evocation of passion and stepping forth into life with ease. As the person follows through with the suggested steps and activities to aid in the full integration of their retrieved Soul, maturity that comes with the grace of fully functioning Body/Mind/Soul results.
More information about Soul Retrieval here.

4.    May 29 – Toy-ahn-ah-me’ – Knowing Your Spirit’s Path

Knowing Spirit’s Desire is the intended goal of the Toy-ahn-ah-me’ Ceremony. When we know Spirit’s Desire in any given circumstance where choice must be made, we no longer need to struggle with trying to figure out the best course of action based upon our emotionally charged memories, feelings and beliefs. When we can, with trust, discern the inherent desire of Spirit, we are assured of making the correct choices.

5.    June 27 – Shamanic Drum Journey – Transformation and Healing

Shamanic Drumming enables the individual to attain a deep place of Silence and an awakening into Awareness. Utilizing this state brought about by the drumming the individual is thereby freed of mental domination and can journey freely into the various realms of the Soul, there to seek healing, resolve and empowerment.

6.    July 27 – Seven Sacred Sisters – A Ceremony of Cleansing and Blessing

Seven herb-incenses are burned in consecutive order, each one evoking a cleansing and blessing of specific attributes of the person’ life, family, home, business and endeavors. Through the knowledgeable utilization of the assistance of the Spirits of these herbal incenses we, in our Shamanic Ways, are able to set into motion the song of our Spirit’s intent, i.e.: a Blessing!

What is included:

•    The events that require video participation will be recorded and made available to each participant.
•    For the event which will not be done via video chat and so is not recorded (Earth Soul Retrieval), each participant will receive, following the ceremony, a written transcript of what transpired for each individual. Please be patient, as each person’s transcript must be written out individually.
•    An initial consultation via video chat, prior to the first event, so that Jade can hear your needs and accommodate those during the ceremonials offered.
•    One phone call after each event, if needed, for any follow through or questions that may have arisen.

What you need to provide:
•    Name
•    Date, time and place of birth
•    Your gender
•    EMAIL JADE with your request to participate in the Shamanic Healing Program, including the above information.
•    Payment of $555 via PayPal prior to the initial consultation.

•    My responsibility is to make these Ways available.
•    Your responsibility to be available to these Ways being offered.
•    No accommodations will be made for repeating an event for which a participant was a ‘no-show’, except by appointment as a private session.
•    If I must postpone an event, an alternative date will be offered. I take timeliness and standing by my appointments quite sincerely.
•    There will be no refunds for any reason, unless I am unable to fulfill my obligations to you, then a pro-rated refund will be made.
•    You will be treated with respect and consideration as a valued individual at all times. And vice versa.
•    Participation and payment is for these 6 events (and the initial consultation and follow up phone call, where needed) only. While other healing/mentoring sessions are available and may be requested, those are by appointment only and at the standard fee for a private session.

Thank you for your consideration of this offering!
Jade Wah’oo Grigori

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