Readings & Cleansings – 9 December – Westerunie

The Shamaniac Movement will again team up with The Gardens of Babylon on Friday 9 December at Westerunie in Amsterdam, offering you shamanic readings and cleansings while you’re dancing the night away to the music of Britta Unders


The Gardens of Babylon returns to Amsterdam!

Imagine an INCREDIBLE night with amazing house music, live performances and a dash of spirituality. This is The Gardens of Babylon, a night that creates musical, spiritual and visual dream effects. After the magical launch of The Gardens of Babylon with YokoO, we now return for the second edition with none other than our electronic love birds: Britta Unders.

Date: 9 December 2016
Location: WesterUnie Amsterdam

Find out some of the secrets that take place inside The Gardens..

21:30 – 22:30 – House lovers unite!
22:30 – 22:45 – Guided group meditation
22:45 – 23:00 – Opening ceremony
23:00 – 05:00 – DJ sets

* House lovers unite!
We started this adventure as passionate music lovers. All we want to do is give you the music and artists that touch us on an emotional level. Time to unite with the music lover like us! This part of the program is very special to us. We invite you and your friends to listen or take part in a live interview with the DJs of the night. What are the tracks they like the most? What was the most memorable set? What DJ is their hero? Just a few examples of questions at an interactive start of our night.

House lovers unite connects the DJs with their crowd.. Join us!

* Guided Group Meditation
We enjoy a guided group meditation with the ones interested to set the amazing energy of our night. This unexpected start of your Friday night will blow you away. We ask you to kindly participate with all you have in you and we promise it’ll never disappoint. This part of the night is completely voluntary. We do close the door & the bar for the duration of our meditation..

* Opening Ceremony
After the group meditation we officially begin the night with the opening ceremony. We can’t reveal anything yet but for a split second you will find yourself in the mesmerizing music and dance of times long forgotten.

* DJ sets
We booked our favourite duo that will blow you away. From Fusion Festival Music to the deep playa. We’ve got sets for you that will grip you in such a magical way, time to experience their dynamic yourself. But that is not the only musical gift to you on the 9th. We are bringin our very own Julie Vandal for her second performance at The Gardens.

* BRITTA Unders
The year is 2016. Britta Arnold, space-girl, love child and musical jetsetter meets unders, world-traveller, mad scientist and former Tin-Tin impersonator. It was here that two mirrors met, two ambitions joined and two styles merged to create what is now known as Britta Unders. Whether playing music to weekend ravers, swinging in the studio shaping emotions into sound, or casually planning their creative futures involving bus trips, mobile studios, remixes, releases and beyond, these kindred spirits are inhaling and exhaling each moment like the full moon does the tides. It’s natural.

After their auspicious meeting at Britta’s Grrr Mit Brrr party in the magical country of Kater Blau on the banks of the river Spree, much was to happen for our spirited duo. In a matter of months, the chemistry between them had already created an EP for Katermukke, a remix for Jonas Saalbach on Einmusika and remixes for Nico Stojan & JAW, Be Svendson and Arman Miran.

For Britta, who co-founded and managed the Bar 25 label, and Unders, with twenty years of experience in the electronic industry as both DJ, producer and promoter, this combined love of music, life and international globe-trotting created an unstoppable flow. Soon they were playing at some of the most reputable gatherings around the flat earth: Bachstelzen stage at Fusion Festival, Shoeless parties in Old Mokum, Woomoon in Ibiza — then Burning Man and New York through to South America, Africa and their home stomping grounds of Europe.

Together, their productions and DJ sets are spacious, tripping, techy and transportive. But somewhere, there is also a bearded shaman in neon playing the Glockenspiel while channeling the spiritual music of the world. Simply put, this is the sound of an extremely bright future.

Get lost inside The Gardens! We again team up with amazing souls to offer you a variety of things:
* Reiki Healing
* Spiritual Night Bazar
* Cleansing
* Tarot Reading
and more…

Block you calendar and bring your friends.. It again will be a night to remember…

Lot’s of love,
The Gardens of Babylon

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