Does the jungle also dream about me?

Now the weather’s absolutely terrible in The Netherlands (November is, I think, the worst month of the year), I’m longing for the jungle. This reminds me of a conversation I had with my mentor Jade Wah’oo Grigori, it must’ve been somewhere in March, about a thought that came up while I was lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep.
We had just come back from Costa Rica, where I received teachings from Jade, and it was still unusually cold for the time of year.

Naturally, I wanted to be back in the Costa Rican jungle, and right before I fell asleep I thought: “I wouldn’t be surprised if I dreamt about the jungle tonight”. “But”, I also wondered, “does that mean the jungle also dreams about me?”

These are the type of questions I usually discuss with Jade.
I recorded the conversation, and I thought it would be nice to share the knowledge with you guys.

A lucid dream, when we go to sleep at night, we dream, we wake up inside the dream and realize that we’re dreaming and we can then self-direct the unfoldment of the dream and change the happenstances of the dreamscape. So if we are being chased by a monster within the dream, we can stop, turn around and face the monster, see it for what it really is and confront it, resolve it, deal with it.

So you had the experience of lucid dreaming?

– Yes.

Have you ever had the experience when you were lucid as more than one character in the dream?

– No.

Ok, so imagine if you will that you’re dreaming there’s you and someone else and you wake up inside the dream and you’re lucid as each person. And so together, each of those individuals, separate and autonomous, re-dreams their own interaction and the world about them.

When we dream while awake, that is, we shift into the dreamstate while fully awake rather than going to sleep. The dreamscape is this: the world. And we can shift the nature of the happenstances of this dreamscape of this world, of our life and experience, by re-dreaming it.

In this lucid dream, this waking dream, I’m lucid, right now.
You are lucid right now, correct?

– Yes.

So in a dream, and I’m speaking about both, also about dreaming while awake, we encounter the various characters in our dream, and they’re each aspects of our own Self. And so, I may encounter a person who has a sense of familiarity even though I may not know that person, and they may have a feeling of ‘mother’, they have a very mothering character. And an expression, not a representation, but an expression of the mothering aspect within myself. So every person we encounter is in some manner an expression of an aspect of our Selves. In accepting that, someone else, you for example, might go: “Wait a minute, Wah’oo! I’m not an aspect of your dream, I am my own Self, I’m lucid! I have my own life, my own dreams”. And I will say: “Yes, that’s true, as I am an aspect of you”.

So you have dreamt into this world a meeting of a shaman. You spent time in Costa Rica, been in service, all of that. However, the story unfolds and plays out. This is a dream and you are encountering this aspect of the shaman within yourself. Every manner in which you recognize me, as a friend, as a mentor, as a goofy guy, whatever it may be, is an aspect of your own self, just as every perception I have of you is an expression of my own Self. So we’re having a congruent dream. So if I can wake up within the dream and become lucid of different characters within the dream, and you do the same and this person does the same and that person does the same, what it implies is that, somewhere, there is the Dreamer who is having a multifaceted lucid dream. And the intention of the Dreamer is to wake up as every aspect, as every character, as every person within the dream. So somewhere there lies the Dreamer.

Now I’ve gone off in this direction because of the nature of the question: “If you are dreaming of the jungle, does that mean the jungle is dreaming of you?”.
And the answer is an unqualified yes, you are being dreamt by the jungle.
In this case the jungle is the Dreamer to which I refer.

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