Big Change Coming

You must have experienced it many times before in your life,
that moment you hear the distant echoing creaks of a railway switching.

You felt for some time Big Change was coming.
You saw it, somehow, in the way the clouds were developing,
smelling the wind would be coming from a different direction.

Then, after a couple of days in which you’ve been granted with the experience of pure joy of perceiving the pieces coming together and falling into place, it will very likely be proceeded with a brief moment of chaotic destruction and ugly misunderstanding.

And you know it, this always happens after these moments of pure perfection, as if two parallel universes are colliding, molding, interweaving right in front of you, in the midst of your humble living room.

You wake up the next day, feeling it in every bone of your body.
The completion you felt is already folding into the next and it freaking hurts.
The lever of the switch being pulled,
the bright light of Clarity arising,
presenting a new possible future on the horizon.

And you’re wondering:
Will I take this opportunity?
Will I hop on this vessel called Change
and let it take me wherever it wants to go?

Or shall I just observe it going past
and have another coffee instead?

By Kiki Toao
Artwork by G.F. Morrell