Jade Eggs: The Empowering Practice of Vaginal Kung Fu

[image credits: Venus de Ova by Elena Ray]



It’s a beautiful gem, a magical mineral
Feels kind in my hands
Cooling, energizing, reassuring
I’m holding my Jade egg
We have a secret love affair, she and I

She empowers me. She connects me. She grounds me. She lifts me up.

Kung Fun

The practice of this Jade egg, in Asia known as Vaginal Kung Fu, was originally used only by women of a certain status (e.g., queens and concubines). But this ancient practice of Vaginal Kung Fu (I just love this word) is now becoming increasingly fashionable amongst women all over the world.
You probably all know the technique of Arnold Kegel. These are pelvic floor practices where you repeatedly contract and relax the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. This gorgeous gem has similar effects, but personally (I have been practicing this type of Kung Fu for some time now) I think this stone has more peachy extras to offer then just the practice of Kegel.


Come on,
chocolate is by far not as good as an orgasm

What is the most pleasurable feeling you’ve ever experienced?
When your whole body starts to shiver and tremble?
When you just light up?
When your brain activity changes instantly?
When you completely lose yourself?
When you just merge, fuse into oneness?
And don’t give me the “chocolate is good as well” line.
Come on, chocolate is by far not as good as an orgasm.

This Jade egg can guide you to deepen and intensify your orgasm.
And not just yours. Also your partner’s. It takes two to tango.
By using the Jade egg, you are increasing control over the vaginal muscles.
And thus awakening your creative energy and passion.


Instructions for use are simple:
Jade eggs have this hole in the center. You can put a string of dental floss through this hole and insert the Jade egg internally. If you are a more experienced practitioner, you don’t even need the dental floss. When you’re done practicing, pull the string gently. Without the string, just ping-pong it out.
Clean your Jade egg with love and keep it in your safety deposit box until you meet again.

Jade eggs encourage the vaginal muscles to work harder. By using them the user consciously contracts the muscles in the vaginal canal, making these muscles stronger, more sensitive, more healthy and more orgasmic.

More pros

Besides increasing pleasure and reinforcing your Yoni,
the Jade egg has more in store.
It reduces PMS and balances your monthly flow and daily hormone cycle.


It improves bladder control.
It prevents prolapse.
It reduces menopausal symptoms.
It can help you overcome trauma of sexual abuse. And, it heightens the production of life force energy, or Chi.

There is an overall improvement of physical and spiritual well-being.
The Jade egg harmonizes emotions and unifies your relation to sexuality.
Pregnant? Jade eggs can teach you how to connect with the muscles you need to relax during childbirth.

Mulha bandha

Jade eggs are also good to use complementary for the practice of Mula Bandha. Mula Bandha, meaning root lock, is commonly used in different styles of Yoga and also in some Pranayama (breathing) techniques. To engage this bandha, you apply a subtle contraction at the perineum. Mula Bandha prevents vital life force from leaving the body.
The Jade egg creates more physical and mental awareness of this root lock,
as a result, practicing Mula Bandha becomes more natural.

jade eggsThe best thing about this precious stone is it enriches your awareness of everything that is going on “down there”. It cultivates a healthy relation with your sacred temple. Yoni’s have been praised all over the world. In India the Yoni is worshipped as the “sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine”, referred to as Devi, the Great Goddess, the source of life or the Universal Womb. This is where we find Shakti, universal creative energy.

Joyful Yoni

Nowadays, vaginoplasty is progressively becoming a routine operation to  create the so called perfect pussy. I don’t want to get into that too deep, but in essence, our Yoni’s are here to give us sexual pleasure. They are our chocolate.
They are becoming more and more an aesthetic thing.
They have to “look good” instead of “feel good”.
Trading feel for looks.
I think that real beauty always comes with “feel”.
And feeling sexual generates beauty, generates freedom.

Fall in love with your Yoni.
Take good care of her.
Worship her.
Feel like a goddess.

Anne Soffer
Teacher at Yoga Minds, Amstelveen




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