Monthly Magic

So, it’s that time of the month.
I’m having the painters in.
Red tide.
Crimson wave.
I’m riding the cotton pony.

I’m wondering, why do most women (and men) have so much adversity to aunt Flo and cousin Red? Why is there so much hostility to ‘leak week’?


For sure, the feminine napkin ads have a big share in our adversity to Sally.
Just a few tag lines of those beloved ads to fire up your fury:

“Feel secure, even on the rough days”
“Feel clean and protected during your period”
“Scented sanitary napkins, be free from disturbing smells, by the Freshness Company”

And, they offer a model for everyone:

“Want to feel secure, go for secure fit!”
“Feeling curvy, curve fit is your kind!”
“Want to wear tight pants, ultra thin suits you (and your tight pants)!”

All designed to hide, shade and cover up our period.

This hiding, shading and covering up of our period wasn’t always so.
In fact, many ancient cultures worshipped the Red Tide.
My wise tantric teacher, Jacqueline Anaya Snelder, enlightened me with some refreshing details about doomed Sally.

In the Tarpanam ritual, an ancient Sri Vidya tantric ritual where male and female made love while mantras were recited, both semen and menstruation fluid was collected. Of this they made fuses that were burned at other pujas (religious rituals performed by Hindus), to transmit this specific Shiva/ Shakti, Purusha/ Prakriti, awareness/ matter, male/ female essence in the temple. *1

In ancient Hatha Yoga practices, Hatha yogis drank menstruation blood on day two.
Day two because the blood is free from impurities.
This was considered “a drink of immortality” and was said to “open up the frequency of eternal life”.

Just trying to change perspectives.

A big misconception nowadays, is the belief that it is forbidden to enter a temple if you have your moon days.
You might have seen these signs in front of a temple, Sally is not welcome.
The inner sanctum of each Hindu temple in India  is called “Garbhagriha*2”, meaning womb. The womb is, in its true essence, the feminine holy grail.

This is the source of feminine creation. This is where we nurture new life.
This Garbhagriha or heart of the temple, is where transformations take place.
It is built on the exact right location, considering the wind direction, the solstice, the moon phase and all astronomical influences one can think of.

If you stand on the floor in this Garbhagriha, you will feel an energy boost, it resets your whole system.
If you have your moon days, your own Garbhagriha or womb is open.
So the danger is that you take in negative energy that others released.
You are more sensitive. So you are not impure, you are not dirty, but more open, more sensitive. And with this increased sensitiveness you have to be more careful.

Why do most yoga teachers advice you to skip inversion when you have your moon days? From an Ayurvedic perspective, the vata flow or apana vayu (the downward flow) is taking care of all the excretion functions in the body, also our menstruation. The reason for bounding inversion during the first 4/ 5 days of your period is because you don’t want to interfere with this vata flow.
If you do, you might get cramps.

Did you know that recent scientific research showed that stem cells, found in menstrual blood, could potentially be incorporated into treatments for stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease?

MMCs (mesenchymal cells) appear to be a potential novel and easily accessible source of material for stem cell-based therapy. Sally heals! *3

Women take drugs to stop their cycle.
Women are seeing their period as a monthly curse.
Woman are embarrassed to have sex during their moon days.
Women are doing everything they can to hide, shade and cover up what is in its essence a sign of our fruitfulness.

Your period is a good time for meditation, a good time for creation.
You are literally opened up, and perceiving things more deeply, more intense.
A time to open up to life.

You womb is holy.
This is where you give life, to everything.
A place of nurture.
A place of protection.
Menstruation blood is divine fluid.
It’s your fountain of life.
Your Monthly Magic!

Anne Soffer

With thanks to Jacqueline Anaya Snelder



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