Shamaniac Sound Ceremony – 29 August 2015

Saturday 29 August – Hilversum
from 17:00u.

Welcome to a very unique event:

The Shamaniac Sound Ceremony

The Shamaniac Movement’s intent has always been to cross boundaries between ceremonial space, a safe workshop environment and great party experience.

During this Ceremony we will be combining all these elements into one progressive shamanic event, holding the intention to enter into Sacred Space, whilst remaining open to new possibilities and ecstatic celebration.

The Shamaniac Sound Ceremony includes various aspects of magick, shamanism, healing, divination, sacred sound, bodywork, including various cleansing and metamorphic magickal techniques.

Collectively we will invoke our connection to a deeper shamanic reality, whilst summoning ancient ancestral forces to facilitate in this transformative process.Together we will encounter our latent healing and psychic powers, dance to shamanic rhythms, be cleansed in spiritual waters and deepen our spiritual connection with ourselves and each other, culminating in ecstatic Shamanic Trance.

No previous experience is necessary as each person individually will be fully encouraged to intuitively explore their latent potentials, facilitating them into deeper states of awareness, allowing them to develop their own personal relationship with the shamanic current of healing power, awakening previously unknown possibilities.

We encourage all who come to our events to wear comfortable ceremonial shamanic / magickal clothing / costumes including facepaint etc.
There will be space to change at the location of the event.

Instruments will be provided but if you have a shamanic drum, rattle, tarot cards etc, feel free to bring them along.

This event will include Ceremonial Sound Frequencies, live music, as well as our infamous Shamaniac DJing.

Facilitated by the core members of The Shamaniac Movement:
Kiki ‘Stormbringer’ Toao
Yanu ‘Cyber’ Shaman
Rombout Mindbody Manipulator

No alcohol or drugs are allowed during any of our Rituals, as one of our main objectives is to facilitate people into prolonged transcendent/ecstatic states without their use.
Wine & refreshments will be served after Ceremony for those who wish to partake.

Fee for this event including drinks and food:
33 euro

This event is strictly limited to 15 people only, so please make sure to sign up quickly by sending email to info[at] Please state clearly your name, after registering you will receive email with all instructions and necessary information for payment.

This is an intimate private event at a beautiful home in Hilversum, parking space is available in the residential area.
The location is 13-15 minutes walking distance from Hilversum train station.
Train ride from / to Amsterdam Centraal is 20 minutes, and trains go every 15- 20 minutes.

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