Stories and Songs by Jade Wah’oo Grigori, an American Shaman

He brings forth authentic Shamanic Ways on behalf of the community of All Peoples.

With his first Shamanic Initiation at 5 years of age, Jade Wah’oo Grigori, of Mongolian ancestry, received training from his Ancestral Spirits and his Grampa Peña, an Old One of the Tewa pueblos– who insisted that Jade write and record these stories for future generations.

The songs and stories presented here are Jade’s personal selection from a vast reservoir of Shamanic teachings, songs and ceremonies that have been placed in his care – by his own Mentors, Teachers and Ancestral Spirits – as a sacred trust. The responsibility of a sacred trust is to insure that these Shamanic Ways are held in wholeness, and that they are made available to the People.

Jade’s intention in releasing these stories and songs is that you, the listener, may receive an activation, an awakening, of the vast mystery and appreciation of your own Soul that hearing these may spark within you.

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