Misa Blanca

– Photo by Lauren Everett Photography –

Misa Blanca (white table mediumship) was first introduced by Allen Kardec and later developed through Afro-Caribbean spiritist traditions. Espiritismo and the Misa Espiritual (spiritual mass) offers a subtle and potent way of communing with our ancestral Spirits, utilizing cleansings, prayers, spirit messages, to help guide and elevate our lives.

By developing our spiritual framework – the unique network of ancestral spirits that support and guide each person – we are able to move into greater wholeness, personal power and spiritual effectiveness. By stabilising the influence and power of these forces in this way we not only develop spiritually, we also illuminate and elevate the spirits themselves – aiding their evolution in return.
Through this reciprocal relationship a blessed guiding force permeates our lives, bringing increased stability, prosperity and wisdom.

Misa Blanca

It is important that you wear white, with white head covering.
At least a white top and head scarf, NEVER wear black.

Espiritsmo is a community based form of worship, so when you’re coming to a Misa Blanca, please bring white flowers, fresh herbs; mint, holy basil, thyme, rosemary, white flowers for Ceremony and some food to share afterwards.

Misa Blancas are organized on a regular basis by Don Azito at La Botanica, Amsterdam.