Shamanism Talk & Drum Ceremony

Ancient principles in a Modern World
plus Shamans Drum Ceremony

On Saturday 18 April at 18.00 Yanu Zsigo will be giving a Free 1 hour talk on Shamanism – Ancient principles in a Modern World – at La Botanica in Amsterdam.
This is particularly interesting for people who’d like to learn what Shamanism is about.

Then at 19.30 there will be Shamanic Drum Meditation (cost 20 euros):

1. Creating Sacred Space
Medicine Songs and offerings will be made to the Four Directions, to consecrate, bless and create sacred space.

2. Talking Stick
A talking stick will be passed around the circle, allowing the opportunity for those present to express themselves, there current dilemmas, hopes and fears.

3. Prayers
Prayers will be offered to the spirits, allowing the participants to set their intention in preparation for their shamanic journey.

4. Shamanic Drumming
Participants will be guided into the process of a shamanic journey. Using shamanic drum & voice techniques each person take the inquiry into the spirit-world, gaining access to insight, vision and power.

5. The Art of Returning (meditation)
An often overlooked aspect of shamanic work is The Art of Returning, whereby the acquired vision is anchored into the body and back into the world. Thereby grounding the power and essence of the journey into ones life. Generating greater and great presence in each moment and enabling the ability to manifest ones Sacred Vision..

There will also be cleansing rituals before and after the ceremonial.

Please bring wear comfortable clothing and do not bring any other drums or rattles etc.

Language: English

Shamanism Talk:
18:00 – 19.30
Cost: free

Drum meditation:
19.30 – 21:00
Cost: 20.00 Euros

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La Botanica
Haarlemmerstraat 109
1013 EM Amsterdam

By Yanu Zsigo