Over 20 years ago now I would walk to the bottom of Glastonbury High Street in Somerset, to a large shop space that was open to the NFSH National Federation of spiritual healers.
An old lady or any one of the many healers there would take my hand, lead me to a cubicle, sit me down, lay their hands on me and work.
At this time of my life I was literally dying of heroin addiction, rampant alcoholism and swarming with more demons and parasites, than Beelzebub himself. My soul was fractured and lost in multiple hellish realms and my body tired and drained.

– by Yanu Zsigo –

These humble healers that asked only for a donation literally saved my life, I would go religiously nearly everyday and sit. Day after day various exorcisms and parasitic removals would just occur spontaneously. I would cry, shake, sometimes laugh hysterically as my body, mind and spirit were cleansed from its multiple impurities.
Afterwards these humble healers, without saying a word through the whole process, would simply smile, give me a hug and then go onto the next person in need of spiritual assistance.

I had all but forgotten about this until recently when my Padrino Don Azito asked me if I would like to come along to an event he was running called Tranceference. These days I spend so much time helping others that it was nice to be asked to just come along relax and receive.

The space was set up beautifully, I waited with a few other people until I was invited to go into the healing room. My Padrino sat me in a chair, sat beside me, raised his hands to send healing, I closed my eyes and allowed the energy to flow. There were also other healers in the space that Azito has diligently trained over the last year to work the space.
The room filled with intense light and in a moment I dissolved into it, bathing in its sublime beauty, feeling myself instantly cleansed and refreshed. I almost began to cry as the memories of where I have come from, the trials and struggles and the first time I had ever felt unconditional love like this, way back in Glastonbury all them years ago. It was like coming full circle, so beautiful, so pure and so loving.

I sat for possibly only 15 minutes, then was gently asked to stand and led out in silence, then given a hug, as my Padrino and the other healers went onto the next person, again exactly like it was back at the NFSH.

For anyone wishing to go to this now regular event i would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone. Don Azito and La Botanica is such a gift to us all.

A while ago a Santero (Santeria Priest) from America pulled me aside while we were out walking and said to me: ‘I hope you know how lucky you are to have La Botanica here in Amsterdam, there’s nowhere like it anymore. It’s what it used to be back in the day, when Botanicas were the fronts for thriving spiritual communities, you’re so so lucky’ and this was from a man highly respected and well traveled in the ‘Ocha Community’.

Again, I highly recommend this event, in fact any event that happens at La Botanica. Believe me, Don Azito is a true Espiritista, working through love, service and charity.

Bless him and bless La Botanica, a guiding light to us all.

Yanu Zsigo, shaman

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