Circle of Power

After attending the trance journeying course at the Parapsychological Institute in Utrecht I was asked to join Joke van Koningshoven’s ‘Circle of Power’. This is a group of shamanic healers, experienced people but also students like myself. Last weekend I did my very first trance journey on my own for someone else, a woman who is being treated for cancer.

Figuring this would not be the easiest and energetically ‘cleanest’ tasks one can perform, I prepared myself by giving myself and my space in the attic a thorough smudging, and making a so-called ‘white bath’ with water and white flowers beforehand which I brought with me as a drain for the negative energy and threw it away afterwards.

Because I haven’t got my own drum yet, I just played a 30 minutes drum meditation recording from YouTube (I’ll post the link below) on my headphones from my laptop.

Blindfold on, here we go.
I said my prayers, asking for guidance and safety and stating the intention.
What follows after I put my headphones on and the drumming begins, things go so fast that I can’t recall it for 100%, but let’s call it a phase of consideration and consultation.

First there’s a state of ‘normal consciousness’, with a normal flow of thoughts. My meditation doesn’t go very smoothly at first, but then there’s a sign, an approval of safety and I get sucked into trance and *poof* I’m gone.

Luckily I managed to remember every single bit of the visions I had, thanks to the drum meditations I did before with Yanu and Joke.

This is the report of the journey:

I try to travel to the Underworld, but I can’t, it feels too dense and impenetrable.
Nevertheless there’s a lot of space, horses circling around me.

So I go Up.
I see many warriors, again circling around me.
Because I need to join the Circle.

There’s so many warriors, wildly stamping their feet.
There’s so many I’m being overwhelmed by it.
I feel the power of their determined, grim combativeness.
And I feel my own emotion about so much support and I start to cry.

I’m there with you.
These warriors are fighting for you, Indio warriors, Batak warriors, wildly stamping around with their spears, digging the clay with their hands, tearing it apart, cleaning it up.
They are battling just for you.

They’re throwing large tufts of cotton in the air.
It’s such a beautiful sight, such a beautiful gesture, I’m in awe and I’m totally amazed about not getting out of my trance state. If I had been dreaming at night, I would have woken up by now but it just goes on and on.

The tufts of cotton in the air become snow,
the flakes become stars.

I feel my breath, I’m gasping for air.
Because I feel your panic and fear of death.
I’m crying my heart out by now, big tears are rolling from my eyes all over my face.
‘You ok, Kiki?’ my spirits ask.
It’s alright, I tell them.

I need to transform the fear.
I’m there with you, but they’re doing all the work, not me.

There is no fear
Only love
No fear
Nothing but love

The mantra goes

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