Espiritismo Baby! Healing at La Botanica

– by Kiki Toao –

During a healing I received at La Botanica I was so fortunate to experience a very specific kind of love, the kind of love I never got from my parents. It just seems a couple of simple words: The Love I Never Got From My Parents. Jeeez, try to get your head around that. But that’s how it was.

Needless to say it was beautiful and overwhelming, I cried my heart out. When I told Padrino what I experienced he just laconically said: “Yep, that’s what Spirit does”. Now I feel something small, yet unmistakably important has changed deep inside of me. And this ‘something’ needs to be cherished and looked after.
You see, I’m not feeling gloriously blissed out or anything. It’s a very subtle change and I wonder if it will fade. It feels as if I’ve been given a small and precious gift, the kind of gift you put on a nice, velvet cushion, and it needs attending to, because you’re afraid you might lose it if you don’t give it that special attention. I understand if this sounds vague and mysterious to you, but to me it makes a big difference and it encourages me to change a couple of things in my behaviour.

While receiving the healing I also got a message: I need to lighten up.

As Padrino put it: Spirit doesn’t want me to keep digging in my Underworld, that’s done. He said: “For some it’s important to keep going down, up, down, up and down again. But that’s not your Path”. For a couple of days I’ve been wondering what that’s supposed to mean. No more Shamanism for me? Because that’s what shamans do, right? Go Up and Down? And here I am again, worrying too much.

The bottomline: no more digging in the past.
On a side note: Espiritismo rocks!
I consider this the completion of my Child Project, personal shamanic work I’ve been doing over the last couple of months. As an expression of my gratitude I finally finished this necklace.
It goes by the name: Espiritista Baby!
Espiritista Baby - necklace by Kiki Toao