2 November 2015 – Fiesta de Eggun with Don Azito

Don Azito will lead this celebration in Honour of the Dead { especially offering thanks to the Spirits of LaBotanica } in the context of the afro-caribean spiritist tradition called Espiritismo.
Fiesta de eggun is a celebration of music, songs and dancing, that can often include spirit possession and cleansings, prayers etc
By stabilising the influence and power of the dead in this way we not only develop spiritually, we also illuminate and elevate. not only ourselves, but also the spirits – aiding their evolution in return.
Through this reciprocal relationship a blessed guiding force permeates our life, bringing increased stability, prosperity and wisdom.

Please bring offerings for the Alter and some food to share with your community

Sun 2nd Nov – 16.00pm

Cost; Don Azito only excepts donations for these events but we ask that you consider all the good work he and his spirits have done for our community throughout the year and that you give to the ‘House’ as generously as you can.


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