There is a natural resonance that is resplendent with the song of Forgiveness. It is a quality of Spirit easily accessed, embodied, activated and experienced.

Forgiveness is a key in which the song of life is sung. Forgiveness is, however, not something we do. It is not something we offer to another (nor our own Self). Forgiveness is a state of being, a frequency at which our Soul resonates when Forgiveness sings its song.


– by Jade Wah’oo Grigori –

When we are in the state of Forgiveness we may hold attention upon the presence of another (or our own Self), embracing that person in Forgiveness.
When we are in the state of Forgiveness all that we place our attention upon, in a sincere attitude of acknowledgment and responsibility, dissolves in the burst of Love that comes forth from the relinquishment of our guilt, anger, pain, resentment, grudge or debt.

From the release of guilt arises the possibility of apology and atonement. When we release resentment the poison it spreads through our entire interaction with the world is drained, leaving the way for understanding to grow. As we forgive the debts owed us, but never paid – be they financial, emotional or obligations – we are able to let go of betrayal and the fear that unless we are paid in full we will suffer hardship, when, in actuality, if someone has owed you (money or whatever) for over a year, and you are still alive and able to make it through another day/week/month, then really, you no longer truly require the indebted asset to survive. You have, somehow, made it.

By relinquishing the grudge of debt you not only free the other party from their suffering, but your own suffering is released as well. After all, if that person could have paid you, if they were capable of it, they would have done so. If they are not capable (and I include the capability of conscience in that), they will never pay you anyway… so let it go! At that point, holding a grudge of debt only promotes you as being ‘right’, and with it, poisoned with mistrust, resentment, anger and pain.
And this helps you how?

Recall a moment when you felt true Forgiveness in your heart. Place your attention upon that experience of Being. Then strip away all associative factors (whom it was related to, what it was in regards of, etc) until you are left with the pure state of Being in Forgiveness, free of any associations. Then, bring into your attention the situations, feelings, persons, etc. that you are seeking to bring into Forgiveness. Having thus brought all into Forgiveness, the attachments dissolve into whatever they dissolve into: Light, warmth, love, relief, crying… what ever is released is fine.

For Forgiveness to be active in our life does not require that we announce to the persons we hold in Forgiveness that we have done so (though, sometimes, it is appropriate that we do so). Forgiveness does not require that the other person has asked us to Forgive them. It is not relevant as to whether the other person Forgives us as well. The burden of judgment and resentment that is strung about the neck of us each is of our own concern and choosing. The guilt and judgment we carry we carry in our own heart.

Forgiveness allows us the means of releasing this poison when we are sincere in our acknowledgment of culpability and responsibility. Forgiveness does not make ‘OK’ a wrong, nor is Forgiveness itself the act of atonement that may be required to reinstate balance. It does not let us ‘off the hook’. Forgiveness enables us to no longer be crippled with shame and anger, so that we can embark afresh upon a new course in life, a course charted into the vast ocean of Compassion and a greater availability to the All-That-Is that we call Life.

By Jade Wah’oo Grigori, an American Shaman

Photography by Kiki Toao

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