Damazhon are Spirits that typically flit about around those places we recognize as being sacred: springs, caves, vortices and the like. A Damazhoni (singular form, Damazhon is plural) is viewed by eyes of Spirit as a glowing light, often blue or yellow or green. Its size is that of an LED light bulb.

They are of the type of Spirit that has no conscious volitional will of their own, but they will readily receive the will, or command, of a person who has the capability of transferring that intent to the Damazhoni. In general, they are one of the classes of Nature Spirits.

Due to the inherent nature of a Damazhoni to take on, and carry out, the directives of a capable person (typically a Shaman) they are much sought out as members of a Shaman’s retinue of helper Spirits. The most common manner of accruing Damazhon is to be in the place where they reside, and then catch them as one might a firefly.

The particular manner of catching them requires of the Shaman to be both insightful and agile.

Insightful, in order to be able to perceive the Spirits with the peripheral vision, and agile, as the method of catching them is to dance in an irrthymic manner, spinning and stepping in nonlinear movement.

The Shaman will have in hand a Spirit Catcher. This is a hoop of bent willow, about 8 inches in diameter. Laced into the frame of the hoop is a spider web pattern woven of sinew, hair or twisted fibers. This device, when empowered and activated, will snare a Damazhoni when the Spirit Catcher comes into contact with it. The collected Damazhon are then taken home and stored in a suitable article such as an arrow or a small vessel. These items are first filled with Power (Life Force) so that the Spirits are able to sustain their life and vitality.

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