Espiritismo workshop & misa espiritual

Don Azito & Yanu Zsigo will introduce participants to the practice of misa blanca (white table mediumship) in the context of the Afro-Caribbean spiritist tradition. Espiritismo and the misa espiritual (spiritual mass) offer a subtle and potent way for communing with our ancestral forces.


By developing our spiritual framework – the unique network of ancestral entities that support and guide each person, we are able to move into greater wholeness, personal power and spiritual effectiveness. By stabilising the influence and power of the dead in this way we not only develop spiritually, we also illuminate and elevate the spirits, aiding their evolution in return.

Through this reciprocal relationship a blessed guiding force permeates our life, bringing increased stability, prosperity and wisdom to the espiritista. Ultimately, the espiritista is given the opportunity to serve and empower their community – sharing their own spiritual gifts and blessings with others.

During the course of the workshop Don Azito will give teachings on:

– A brief history of espiritismo in Cuba and Puerto Rico
– How to correctly construct and maintain a personal boveda
– The core rituals of conducting the misa espiritual
– How to prepare baños (spiritual washes) for the misa
– The correct use of perfumes in the Afro-Caribbean spiritist tradition
– How to make use of Kardecist prayers and invocations

Don Azito will lead everyone in learning some of his favourite songs used during a misa to invite contact with our ancestral guides. He will also give advice for the development of each participant’s mediumship as well as some important precautions to take into account to ensure healthy and sane evolution in the tradition.

The workshop will culminate in a full spiritual service (misa) during which participants will receive messages, cleansings and learn more about their own quadro espiritual (spiritual framework) via the conduit of experienced espiritistas led by Don Azito.

Please note:
All participants are kindly requested to wear light coloured clothing, preferably white, and a white headscarf or cap.
Strictly no black clothing is allowed during the misa.

More about Don Azito:
Don Azito was crowned as a priest of Yemaya in Cuba in 1998 and is the proprietor of La Botanica. The padrino (godfather) of an active ile in Amsterdam Netherlands, born in New York and of Hispanic decent, Don Azito was immersed in espiritismo from an early age. His mother and aunts were skilled espiritistas recognized for their healing abilities and powerful prayer.

Azito himself began falling into trance and spiritually cleaning neighbours and family as a young child. He opened his Botanica in 1990 and is deeply committed serving the community and transmitting Afro-Caribbean spirituality in Europe. He is especially inspired by the transformative power of espiritismo and communicates its potential with great clarity and enthusiasm. He is admired for his gentle character, integrity and compassion by all his godchildren, clients and extended spiritual family in Amsterdam, Cuba and New York.

Cost: 45 Euros

For more info contact;
Debby Luppens