How inspiration comes

During one of our spiritual meeting one of my elders looks at me in a trance state and says: “Kiki, you need to FOCUS”.
Uh-huh, I know. That’s a big issue of mine, because I always keep shifting from one task to another and how to integrate my shamanic training with daily life is often a mindboggle for me.

Prayers, offerings, practicing with mediumship, trance journeying and ‘grounding down’ spirit messages. These responsibilities individually don’t take much time, but can make your mind wander off your main tasks. Next thing my teacher tells me: “You were given this project for a reason, so you could easily say your prayers when you’re sitting on the toilet for all that I care”.

So, here I am, strolling around the house this morning. Still waking up but my mind starts mumbling about my altar, how I dressed it with these jewelry I designed earlier. And all of the sudden this thought about why a crucifix should always be in the middle of of a piece of work pops up in my head.
“Might as well put it somewhere else in the chain and replace the cross in the middle with another symbol, perhaps for your Indio spirit. Because Christianity isn’t exactly the center of the attention of our work at all now, is it?” and I look down at this headline of a magazine shouting: “Jesus is alive!”.

Funny, I laughed out loud. But, what does that mean?

Not so much apart from a little hint on the idea that the ‘big work’ is not coming from ‘being so seriously spiritual’ all the time. When we were starting up The Shamaniac Movement we were actually looking for a way to direct our new inspiration for music and I wanted to integrate my spiritual work (there you go, Kiki) with my daily life as an art-director and our music career. I consider DJing to be just as much shamanic work as playing a drum, it’s just in a new technological form. So I made up a name for a new organization (it just fell from the sky really) and that’s how The Shamaniac Movement started.

Ha, that’s one message grounded. The other one, coming from Yanu saying I need to write in a diary more often, has been grounded as we speak as well. Because this writing thing helps me to ground down spirit messages and to get my head around things in general. I could keep this all to myself, but what’s the fun in that?

Reason why I publish it is because there’s not so many shamanic blogs out there writing about the learning process. I think that’s important, because I’m seeing a lot of people struggling with the ‘opening’ to the spiritual realm, being overwhelmed with information and teachings and lots of rules to live and work by. I consider myself lucky to have great people around me who give me the space to do my own thing. I know that’s different for a lot of people who are trying to find their way in spirituality, but the last thing they want for me is to blindly copy them.

Another reason is to set up a dialogue, I would love to hear about your stories, first successes, stumbling-blocks and pitfalls as well.

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