The mindblowing sculptures of Kris Kuksi

Kris Kuksi garners recognition and acclaim for the intricate sculptures that result from his unique and meticulous technique. A process that requires countless hours to assemble, collect, manipulate, cut, and re-shape thousands of individual parts, finally uniting them into an orchestral-like seamless cohesion that defines the historical rise and fall of civilization and envisions the possible future(s) of humanity.

Each sculpture embodies the trademarks of his philosophy and practice, while serving as a testament to the multifaceted nature of perception – from timeless iconic references of Gods and Goddesses, to challenging ideas of organized religion and morality, to the struggle to understand, and bend, the limits of mortality.

A brief conversation with the artist:

Are you a spiritual, religious person, is there anything you practice in that area? And if so, how does it influence your work?

I’m totally not religious but I was brought up in the Catholic religion and realized their doctrines were more against human kind and more about playing off guilt for animal needs and desires.

I am however spiritual but I dare not define it farther than that.
Placing names to the spirit world is a limiting human endorsement that not every human will agree with, so they’ll go to war about it – not good!

Art is my spirituality.
If anything creating and making use of solitude for artistic needs is my lofty spirit journey though it is not always sunshine and daisies!