Electro smog causing too much yang

Two weeks ago Yanu Zsigo, TSM’s shaman, did a reading at our house and gave some tips and tricks for improving our living situation.

We’ve got a lot of electronic equipment in the house: the usual wifi router, our cell phones ofcourse, but our computers and a full studio for music production as well.

Part of the improvement is to rearrange and move away spiritual objects from our studio. Also he told me I was carrying ‘too much yang’, caused by all the equipment and gave me the advice to pick up ‘more yin’ by spending time in a yurt, a Mongolian tent.

Meanwhile I was able to find someone who happens to have a yurt in his backgarden and I’m rearranging my altar. Plus I decided to spend more time in the attic, which is not crammed with electronic stuff.
Because, given the fact that I spend a lot of time on meditating and ‘blending with the energies’ around me as part of my spiritual development, this means I’m blending with the hazardous energies as well, right?
Seems only logical to me.

Yesterday I was at my bioresonance therapist who cures me from hayfever.
First thing she noticed was so-called electrosmog around me, measured with her equipment. It’s caused by electromagnetic fields produced by electronic devices. Exposure to these fields on the long term can cause serious illness.
When I told her about Yanu’s yurt advice she asked me what for, and confirmed that ‘too much yang’ is exactly the translation in spiritual terms for the radiation she measured with the machine.

I certainly am going to meditate in the yurt ofcourse. But to me this also means I have to take a lot more measurements in the house than just moving some stuff upstairs to get away from the magnetic fields. Because that awful lot of equipment is what I work with all day long, every day of the week. So I need to dive into stuff which helps me with protecting myself from the radiation.

It’s nice to get proof of Yanu’s diagnosis, however from what some people would call ‘pseudoscience’, for which he didn’t have to do anything more than just be and tune in on the energies in our home.

Electrosmog has become, and still is becoming a bigger issue for all of us every day. I could write a long, boring story about how and why, but I’m not a scientist so I’m writing from my own personal experience.

This documentary however, ‘Resonance – Beings of Frequency’, tells it all perfectly well.