Dreamer Awoken

I’m awake now

Within this once somnambulant realm
of images and feelings, fears and fantasies
where awareness only dimly had tread
have I awakened

Mythos is the name of this land,
Soul the populace,
garbed in gossamer veils
swirling to reveal a sultry eye

– the Universe! –
in auto poetic associations
of love and death
reverberating through the air

Muse and music merge as one experience of Being
Sanctified desires made manifest in emotion and action
drive the content of each breath’s determination

Body and Mind churn the Soul’s milk into divine curd
to feed and fuel both our restless discontent
and our bliss

Peering from beneath heavy lidded rapture we glimpse
– but only glimpse –
the holy understanding of synchronized happenstance
that fills our moments with awe, and makes our lives worthwhile

Ahh! Home!
It is to home that I have come and here I will remain
Senses alert, the knife of awareness honed,
to perceive that which would deceive,
paring away the dross with this fine edge of perception awakened,
that I may conceive

And in my Spirit’s conception will I incarnate anew
my heart’s desire in this land of all-potent potential

There are those asleep who are born of the World and dream
There are those awake who are born of the Dream, and dream the World
The Dreamer has awoken, lucid within this Dream called the World


By Jade Wah’oo Grigori, shaman
Caretaker of the Ways

Photography by Kiki Toao


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