It was during one of those lonesome after hour work sessions when the spirits approached and said:
‘You NEED to do this. You NEED to make this mix.
As proof of what we are telling you, we will send you a messenger’.
Its name is Jeer Mink Quoin.

A new magickal operation by Kiki Toao

Death is sitting right in front of me, at the other side of the table.
He answers my gaze while taking a huge puff from his tobacco pipe.
After long moments of silence he takes a deep breath and says:

“Why is it you humans have such a fixation on me?
To be honest, it bores me, deeply.
And it saddens me.
Kindly put, I pity you.
Isn’t Life simply enough?

Death is eternal, but not eternal as you imagine it to be.
Life is at stake here, for you to seize as we speak.
Treat it respectfully.

For I await you, at the other side of this table, this plane you call Time.
Be like the crops in the field, patiently waiting to be harvested, to return as seeds. Do not fear me”.

By Kiki Toao

Release on Emerald & Doreen Recordings:

“Amsterdam’s shaman DJs Kiki Toao & Rombout are back with a heavily pumping techno banger from the spiritual hyperspace, Djinn Disco.
Djinn “are supernatural creatures in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. They are not purely spiritual, but also physical in nature, being able to interact in a tactile manner with people and objects and they are also subject to bodily desires like eating and sleeping. Jinn mentioned in Middle Eastern folktales are often depicted as monstrous or magical creatures.” And this is how it sounds when they have a party.

Features a slowly chuggin and heavily groovin remix by San Francisco’s JP Soul, mastermind behind Roam Recordings who had successful releases on Nein Records, Whiskey Disco, Logical Records, a mesmerizing acidic remix by Facets, the man behind Samo Recordings and a pumping early morning club dub remix by Barcelona’s Daytona.”

Juno Download wrote a very nice review:

“Kiki Toao and Rombout follow last year’s Yama Disco release on Emerald & Doreen with this peak-time offering. In its original format, “Djinn Disco” is a tough, throbbing affair, imbued with ghostly shrieks, frazzled bass tones and wild acid licks.

The Seamstress

She wipes the sweat from her forehead,
and shows me the blood on her finger.
The Seamstress speaks to me of courage,
and the necessity of taking risks:

“No beautiful gown has ever been made
without the perception of the lady wearing it,
and the secrets she holds inside.

The sacrifices are not in the suffering we are willing to endure,
but in the love we dare to share.

If we don’t walk the path we were born on, how will we be able to choose?”

By Uni Porni:
Poetry – Kiki Toao
Photo – Ivar Struijcken